Wood vs. Fiberglass Doors

Replacement windows Los Angeles, CA, and doors are key to a perfect remodel. Wondering what material your existing front door is made of? That doesn’t matter anymore as you’re looking for the best replacement door. But, you may want a wooden replacement door because it is sturdy and reliable. Many people choose wooden doors because they’ve been around for so long.  

With more research, you will find fiberglass doors. They can be made to exactly look and perform like wood. In addition, fiberglass doors tend to be less expensive.  

In this blog, we will compare wood and fiberglass doors in terms of cost, durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.  


  • Fiberglass doors: As discussed above, they are the cheapest option than wood doors. The exact cost of the fiberglass doors depends on the quality and installation. A high-quality fiberglass door may cost you close to what you can expect for a wood door.  

  • Wood doors: There is no wonder why the cost of wood is increasing day by day. It is the best material for home improvement projects. Thus, the demand for wood drives up the price.  


  • Fiberglass doors: No doubt, fiberglass doors are the most durable ones. Most importantly, they do not warp from heat. Also, fiberglass doors do not rot and rust like wood and metal doors can respectively.  

  • Wood doors: As wood doors have been around for so long, it gives them credibility. With proper care, wood doors can last for a long time. In addition, these doors are excellent insulators.  


  • Fiberglass doors: What makes fiberglass doors so popular? They are known for being maintenance-free. You need to upkeep the stain and finish to maintain the fiberglass doors. Most importantly, fiberglass doors are very easy to repair. So, there is no need to worry even if the paint or stain has become dull.  

  • Wood doors: Wood doors need much more attention than fiberglass doors when it comes to maintenance. Make sure to apply a protective coating to resist water. This coating can ensure water doesn’t get absorbed into the wood. If the protective layer is damaged, call a professional door contractor to reapply the coating. Maintenance is a must with wood doors.  


  • Fiberglass doors: Fiberglass doors are second to none when it comes to aesthetics or looks. They are smooth and sleek. Also, a fiberglass door comes in a range of finishes and styles. So, you can choose one that suits your needs. It gives you a feel of wood at the same time. Most importantly, it has a wood finish to mimic the looks and appearance of the wood door.  

  • Wood doors: As the traditional doors, they always look classic. There are endless customizations and designs for wood doors. Undoubtedly, wood doors carry history with them. There is nothing that can compare with the real look and feel of wood. For that reason, wood doors are very popular all over the world.  

If you want to choose the right door and window type for your home, a professional contractor can help you. Depending on your needs, we can help you choose the right door and replacement windows Los Angeles, CA.