Windowsill Plants for Every Household

Every replacement windows Calabasas, CA is designed to make your home look better. Another way to make your home more comfortable is to add touches like windowsill plants. There are plants that add a breath of fresh air to your property without you having to commit to any major changes.  


There are a ton of different plants that you can choose from. The type that works for your home depends entirely on your tastes and your needs. Do you want to devote a lot of time to caring for your plant? Or would you rather have a plant that doesn’t require much?  




Basil is a lovely windowsill plant. It pleases your eye. It can also be used in your cooking. There’s something very satisfying about cooking with herbs that you grew yourself. Basil adds a strong, noticeable flavor to any dish. It’s a very delicate herb, so it’s often not added to the pan or pot until the dish is nearly done cooking. The most fragrant leaves are those that grow from the top of the plant.  




Bay is another common herb. Bay leaves are often thrown into sauces for flavor. It’s the perfect choice for a windowsill garden because the plant grows so well indoors. However, the roots need a lot of space to grow. You’ll have to use a large pot.  


Bay leaves are large and aesthetically pleasing. The soft scent will fill your room.  




Chives are perhaps the easiest herb to grow. If you grow it in the rigt conditions, you can enjoy chive all year. It doesn’t take much to keep the plant happy. Although it’s an herb, it offers more pleasing colors than just shades of green. Chive flowers are often quite pretty and delicately colored.  




Oregano is one of the most popular herbs in the world. It’s extremely fragrant and goes well in many recipes. A lot of cuisines across the world use oregano. Having your own private stash is a great benefit if you like to cook. You may use oregano every day. In order for the plant to grow well, it needs plenty of light and cool temperatures.  




Chervil isn’t as popular as the other windowsill plants on the list because it’s flavor isn’t as potent. Many people say that it reminds them of fennel. Chervil plants do best if you plant them in the last summer. This is a great herb if you enjoy subtle flavors.  


Windowsill plants are popular because they add life and charm to your windows. They also give you something to take care of. Plants are less responsibility than pets but they’re still alive. Your neglect can result in their death.  


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