Bay Windows vs Bow Windows

Now that you’re thinking about replacement windows Los Angeles, CA, do you wonder what’s the difference between bay and bow windows? A combination of windows is joined together to create bay and bow windows. Still, there are differences between both of them. However, one major similarity is that both bay and bow windows allow smooth airflow and more light. A bay window may have a different number of windows than a bow window. This is what makes them different from each other.  

This article provides a brief overview of bay and bow windows, and key differences between them. 

What Is A Bay Window? 

When it comes to bay windows, these are mainly comprised of three windows. Among the three windows, two of them are operable while the one is fixed inoperable. For that reason, bay windows are considered to have more angular lines as compared to bow windows. If you’re looking for windows for a contemporary or traditional home-style, bay windows are an ideal choice. Most importantly, the operable (two angled windows) feature either double-hung or casement window types. Apart from that, bay windows are narrower as compared to bow windows because these have only three windows. 

What Is A Bow Window?  

Bow windows are also known as compass windows. This type of window has four or more windows of the same size and identical shape. For that reason, bow windows create a more subtle curve. Depending on the number of windows, a bow window is referred to as a four-lite bow (in the case of four windows), a five-lite bow (in the case of five windows), and so on. If you are looking for windows for a larger area, look no further than bow windows. These work best in corners or exterior walls.  

Where Can Bay and Bow Windows Be Used? 

You can install bay or bow windows in any room. However, varying sizes of both windows make them fit for several applications. Bay and bow windows can add more natural light, thus making any space appear bigger. Apart from that, you can consider using extra square footage for multiple purposes, including an indoor garden, a display shelf, or a reading nook. It all depends on your needs what purpose you want to serve.  For a window seat, all you need is to add a bench by your bay window. You can also add a bay window to your kitchen because it will provide extra space for plants. Therefore, bay or bow windows can be installed in any room depending on your personal style.  

A Range of Sizes Available 

Bay and bow windows are available in a variety of sizes to fit your home. As discussed before, a bay window has three windows. The size can be small enough to install above a kitchen sink or large even to provide you additional space for seating. When it comes to a bow window, it is comprised of six windows which makes it an ideal choice for a larger space with additional seating. A variety of sizes available make bay and bow windows versatile choices for replacement windows Los Angeles, CA.