5 Hacks to Update Your Living Room

Replacement windows Los Angeles, CA, can make a huge difference in your home’s aesthetic. Do you wonder how two identical rooms in your home look so different? It all depends on how you arrange the things in a room and a few vital aspects such as window lighting can play a big role. Certain patterns can make your living room stand out and so does the layout of your furniture. Below are five simple hacks to update your living room and make it look more spacious than before.  

Focus on Light Fixtures 

Lighting can do many wonders in any room. It can make or break the aesthetic of your living room. When it comes to brightening up your living space, you need to install the right light fixtures. You should highlight the windows, and go for minimalistic styled windows that come without heavy frames.  

Mirrors are other vital things that can add mood to your living room. Even if you do not have large windows, a mirror can play a key role. It can reflect light in the room, making it look bigger than before. Do you want to add a décor piece to the living space? Make sure to install a mirror on a central wall for a décor piece and light as well. You can also opt for small framed mirrors patterned to create a big one.  

Minimalistic Furniture 

Furniture, of course, plays a vital role in giving your living room a modern touch. Go for minimalistic furniture to update your space because clean lines can make a huge difference. However, consider the other décor items if you want classic furniture in the living room. You can even mix or match styles that can add to the living room aesthetic. It can make a first good impression on your guests and potential buyers. Most importantly, you need to select one important piece that can serve as a focal point. It will allow you to add other furniture items accordingly.  

Arrangement of Items 

The layout of your living room can update and give it a new touch. It can affect the quality of your living space. Never place any heavy furniture at the entrance to make a space feel spacious. Consider how you perceive the space while entering your living room. It can help you arrange the furniture or other items accordingly. Moreover, you can even incorporate dining or kitchen space with your living room. This is where an open plan comes in handy, making space appear even more spacious and brighter. 

Add Indoor Plants 

Add a few potted plants in your living room but keep them in sync with the layout. As a result, you can make your space feel less congested. If you have a small living space, avoid adding large indoor plants. Small potted plants (such as aloe vera, spider plans, and rubber plants) in pairs can do the job. If you have a white background wall, consider adding a dark green leaf plant. You need to pay attention to the colors to spruce up your living space in every possible way.  

Adding plants to the windowsill is a good idea too. They’ll create a lovely image when framed by replacement windows Los Angeles, CA.